Making the right choice counts!

Our Inventory product selection is 100% analytically driven and we employ the usage of our bespoke purchasing system, which means we can select the right product, for the right market at the right price. Our selective and effective means of product selection and market placement have allowed Euraco Group to evolve and grow into a highly successful online retailer in each of the main product categories we are active.

Our success is defined and underpinned through a clinical and analytically based approach to stock selection and management. State of the art automated systems monitor and adjust ordering in real time to meet current market demands and buying trends. We have a dedicated team of code writers, and IT professionals who are helping develop systems to meet future demands and to ensure we stay cutting-edge and ever evolving.


Our Global Distribution Centres carry over 20,000+ separate lines of product and this number is increasing month by month as we strive to offer our customers even more choice. Our automated reordering process is based on specified stock levels and adjusted accordingly to meet the latest demands and alters restock levels to make sure that we rarely have too much or too little stock on our shelves.