Who Are Euraco Group?

Euraco Comprises a group of companies, who together form an international ecommerce retail and distribution business retailing via multiple online channels. Euraco’s primary function is one of support in areas such as IT, Technical Support & Online Marketing for our global centres and online stores.

Do you have an employee reward scheme?

Yes, we believe that all our employees should be able to receive performance related bonuses for improving productivity, increasing quality of service, exceeding expectations.

What is Euraco’s strategy?

Our strategy and ultimate goal is to become one of the world’s best Internet Retail Businesses, supported by a world class freight division which services external clients. Additionally the company seeks to have it’s own portfolio of brands available for retail and distribution worldwide. Having achieved great success in Europe in the online market, Euraco Group has embarked on a global expansion to become a major player in the online retail market. Advanced analytics determines what our customers want, and using this combined information combined with volume purchasing offers our customers globally a wide range of products at the best prices available.

What is the core areas of activity?

Our main areas of business activity are International reselling, Freight and Storage, IT, and Branding. We operate in all these business areas and service customers in 5 continents.